CBD Oil Recipes and Uses

Adding CBD to your diet is a breeze with our easy to follow hemp and CBD oil recipes. 

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is a natural compound that is quickly growing in popularity due to its exciting wellness benefits. While some people take CBD oil on its own by the mouth or even vape CBD oil, many are now looking to add CBD directly to their diet by integrating CBD products into their own homemade meals. With CBD products from Medical Marijuana, Inc., making your own CBD edible recipes using CBD oil at home is simple and easy!

Why Should I Make CBD Oil Recipes?

CBD oil recipes offer a creative and flavorful way to get a serving of CBD each day. There are a seemingly unlimited number of recipes using CBD oil, both on our website and elsewhere on the web. This lets you choose from tons of different recipes for meals, snacks, and beverages, allowing you to help bring the benefits of CBD to you and your family as an essential part of any meal.

Creating your own CBD edibles at home also gives you complete and total control over the ingredients used. CBD edibles purchased pre-packaged from a store or online vendor may contain ingredients you would prefer to avoid. Making your own recipes using CBD oil allows you to make CBD edibles that meet your personal wants and needs. That means you can make CBD edibles that are vegan, gluten-free, or meet other dietary restrictions. You can also make CBD edibles that are paleo, low-carb, low-calorie, or low-fat.

The Best CBD Oil Recipes Using High-Quality CBD Products

The CBD experts at Medical Marijuana, Inc. have collected the best CBD oil recipes to help you get started adding CBD to your diet. Below, we will give you some tips for adding CBD to your meals. Once you understand the basics of cooking and baking with CBD, begin browsing our CBD recipes below.

While CBD is readily available in a range of products – like CBD chewy edibles, tinctures, capsules, vapes, and more – many of our customers are also using our CBD to make their own CBD recipes at home. CBD products purchased from Medical Marijuana, Inc. are guaranteed to be high-quality, reliable, and pure. If you are ready to get started making your own DIY CBD edibles using high-quality CBD products, follow the easy recipes using CBD oil below.

CBD-Infused Ingredients to Add CBD to Any Recipe

Many recipes that incorporate CBD oil are incredibly simple. If you are not someone who relishes spending time cooking in the kitchen, you might want to consider infusing CBD into common ingredients like butter and honey. By infusing CBD oil into these ingredients, it’s easier than ever to add CBD to any number of foods and drinks. Below, you can learn how to make a CBD-infused simple syrup, allowing you to quickly add CBD to pretty much any food or liquid.

CBD Syrup Recipe: Making a CBD Infused Simple Syrup

CBD-Infused Beverages

CBD is not just for food, as you can also drink CBD in a beverage form. Whether it is CBD-infused coffee to get going in the morning or a CBD cocktail to unwind at night, these recipes will have you sipping down your CBD in no time. Below, take a look at some recipes using CBD oil to make fun drinks such as CBD Eggnog, CBD lemonade spritzer, and CBD tea.

Celebrate the Holidays with From-Scratch CBD Eggnog

CBD Infused Lemonade Spritzer Recipe

how to make CBD tea

Curl Up with a Cup of CBD Tea with This Easy Recipe

CBD-Infused Breakfasts

Breakfast has long been considered the most important meal of the day, helping you to kickstart your day. Get your day started right with CBD-infused breakfast recipes. Enjoy a delicious CBD yogurt parfait topped with CBD-infused honey to give your body the boost it needs to take on the day.

DIY CBD Yogurt Parfait with Infused Honey

CBD-Infused Snacks

Sometimes you may just have a hankering for a snack. These healthy CBD snacks are a flavorful way to give yourself the boost you need between meals. Try making delicious CBD-infused guacamole to dip chips or vegetables into, or try your hand at creating some homemade CBD chewy edibles for your snacking convenience.

Easy CBD Infused Homemade Guacamole

How to Make CBD Gummies

CBD-Infused Dinners

Dinner offers a chance for us to unwind from the weight of the day and replenish the nutrients we’ve used. Adding CBD to your recipes at suppertime helps your body regain its balance and get a good night’s sleep. Our personal favorite is a penne rosa CBD pasta that provides a very tasty way to get a needed serving of CBD.

Enhance Family Dinner with This Penne Rosa CBD Pasta

CBD-Infused Desserts

Do you have a sweet tooth? If that is the case, then even your favorite desserts can be infused with the balancing benefits of CBD. That way, you can feel a little less guilty about satisfying your cravings. Take a look at our CBD oil recipes for homemade CBD chocolate that lets you enjoy dessert while simultaneously supporting your endocannabinoid system.

how to make CBD chocolate

How to Make CBD Chocolate