The first to introduce medical cannabis products to Brazil.

In April of 2014, Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) became the first medical cannabis product to be approved for import and use in Brazil when the country allowed access for a little girl with epilepsy.

With the approval of RSHO™, Brazil also became the first Latin American country to approve prescriptions for any a medical cannabis product, with Mexico and Paraguay following suit less than a year later.

RSHO™, a medical cannabis product derived from low-THC hemp, has a high concentration of cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis demonstrated to have significant antioxidant and neuroprotective effects. Although RSHO™ is sold as a supplement in the U.S., it is considered a prescription medication in several Latin American countries.

HempMeds® Brasil has been instrumental in creating access to medical cannabis in Brazil, a country of over 200 million people and the world’s ninth largest economy. HempMeds® Brasil assists local patients in purchasing and obtaining permission from the government to import RSHO™, even helping patients secure reimbursement from the government for their medication.

HempMeds® Brasil was there from the start to help organize patients and in acting to assist in their navigation of the approval process to start importing RSHO™

The story of CBD being legalized in Brazil starts in Texas and stretches 5,000 miles across the globe. Searching for an alternative treatment for her daughter Anny’s severe childhood epilepsy in Brazil, Katiele Fischer discovered Medical Marijuana, Inc. partner Penny Harper in Texas and learned she gave her own epileptic daughter, Harper, RSHO™. Katiele took her family’s case to ANVISA, the health authority in Brazil, and within three days, the Brazilian courts ruled it inhumane to keep RSHO™ from Anny and granted her the first import authorization for CBD hemp oil. With the help of HempMeds® Brasil, families in Brazil organized, demanding RSHO™ for their own children.

HempMeds® Brasil now works with thousands of families in need to help them legally get access to RSHO™. The company is also working hard to educate the medical community and regulatory agencies to make the process for obtaining cannabis products like RSHO™ easier.

HempMeds® Brasil was there from the start to help organize patients and in acting to assist in their navigation of the approval process to start importing RSHO™

After ANVISA removed CBD entirely from Brazil’s prohibited substance use list, they also suspended the import tax on it. More recently, the government updated their policy to fully  subsidize any purchase of RSHO™ under their healthcare system, further increasing the ability of Brazilian patients to receive RSHO™.

Although RSHO™ was originally imported into the country as a prescription medication for epilepsy, additional indications, like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, and migraines, have been approved, with a number more under consideration.

Patients in Brazil interested in importing RSHO™ should visit the HempMeds® Brasil website or can call the company at 21 4063 9179 or 11 3197 4342.