The first to provide access to medical cannabis products in Paraguay

In May of 2016, Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ became the first medical cannabis product approved and imported for use in Paraguay. This event marked the third time in a little over a year that RSHO™ was the first cannabis product approved in a Latin American country, following the lead of Brazil and Mexico.

This event marked the third time in a little over a year that RSHO™ was the first cannabis product approved in a Latin American country

The official import certificate was signed by the Direccion Nacional de Vigilancia Sanitaria, part of the health departments of Paraguay, in April, allowing the import of RSHO™ Blue Label Liquid for the first patient in Paraguay.

The first patient approved is a 15 year old boy who has an intractable form of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, which previously required the family to import expensive, ineffective medications from Spain.

The boy’s family petitioned the government for the right to import CBD hemp oil after hearing of its effectiveness from similar families in other Latin American countries.

HempMeds® Mexico partner, Raul Elizalde of the Por Grace Foundation spoke at the family’s hearing, discussing the benefits that RSHO™ has created in his family’s life.

Comments from a spokesman for the Paraguayan Government’s National Anti-Drug Secretariat detailing Paraguay’s decision to allow RSHO™ into the country were covered by over two dozen national news outlets, increasing interest in RSHO™ in the country of 6.8 million.

Previous to this decision, all forms of cannabis were banned in Paraguay. In fact, Paraguay has some of the strictest cannabis policies in the region, aimed at ending the illegal cultivation and trafficking that has long plagued the nation. That makes the approval of RSHO™ that much more significant in the country. In addition to opening the door to additional patients requesting access to RSHO™, it reveals a promising new direction for Paraguay’s cannabis policy.

As with other Latin American countries, the approval of RSHO™ also creates a much needed alternative in current medical treatments in Paraguay. The country pays less per GDP for healthcare than any other South American country, and the establishment of universal public healthcare has done little to increase access to basic care. With so many patients in need of reliable preventative care and medical treatment, Medical Marijuana, Inc. sees the approval of RSHO™ in Paraguay as indication that access to our products will continue to spread across Latin America.